turning blue

It doesn’t look good. I haven’t heard anything from Mr. G at all. I’m trying to hold out a little bit of hope, but our long break may be starting earlier than we planned.

There is still the tiniest of chances that he got the message and he’s going to send me an email to say it’s been shipped later this evening, but my hunch is that’s not going to happen. My only hope now is that somehow my ovulation delays itself, and we can still inseminate on Tuesday. But this is not likely, not likely at all.

For now, I think I’ll hold my breath.



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6 responses to “turning blue

  1. damn it!! i hate depending upon other people to do things for you, and i’m mad that he isn’t as dedicated to your journey as you need him to be.

    we went through similar situations with shipping with a donor, and it got to be too much. i figured the stress of dealing with the guys would cost me the same amount in therapy as using a bank!

    i’ve got my finger’s crossed for you two, and i hope that this guy comes through for you!

  2. vee

    Crap! Why can’t this man check his email on a daily basis? Surely not too much to ask!

  3. jay

    AGH!! FRUSTRATION! reminds me of our old donor. doesn’t mr g have a phone? you know, one of those things you hold to your ear and speak in and say “GET THAT SPERM HERE NOW!”? fingers crossssssed tightly for you loves xx

  4. Oh that sucks! Maybe the stress of not getting the sperm will delay your ovulation…?

    I hope he sent it.

  5. reproducinggenius

    Olive, I like the way you think! Let’s hope that happens.

    We don’t have his phone number because we’re trying to keep our anonymity in place for the most part. It’s an awkward dance, and it clearly doesn’t work out well when he doesn’t check his email regularly. Bah!

    I hate this, though. It just plain sucks depending on someone to care about this even half as much as we do. I think we’ll be switching to frozen if this doesn’t work out this time.

  6. if you want, i can forward on the information for our bank if you are considering going frozen. they are really inexpensive and don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but they do have great post thaw counts and several women are “with child” as a result. all of their donors are non-release though, and i don’t know if that’s a problem for you…

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