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turning blue

It doesn’t look good. I haven’t heard anything from Mr. G at all. I’m trying to hold out a little bit of hope, but our long break may be starting earlier than we planned.

There is still the tiniest of chances that he got the message and he’s going to send me an email to say it’s been shipped later this evening, but my hunch is that’s not going to happen. My only hope now is that somehow my ovulation delays itself, and we can still inseminate on Tuesday. But this is not likely, not likely at all.

For now, I think I’ll hold my breath.


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request for super powers

Crap. I just took an OPK, and it’s getting darker. I know I’m going to ovulate before Tuesday, and now I have to hope that Mr. G checks his email and can get something out to me for tomorrow. So I’m putting in a request to all my readers to focus their super powers on getting Mr. G to check his messages so that he can get this out today.


Focus super powers…NOW

Thanks, girls.

This wasn’t something I really wanted to deal with today. I’m a little hung over after J and I had an evening of drinking wine, watching So You Think You Can Dance, and listening to music that reminded us of our old hometown. We had fun, but damn, my head hurts.

But back to that focusing. Come on Mr. G. Go to your computer. Check your email. Send us some sperm!


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