an update on the car/work sagas

Life has calmed down since I last wrote, or rather, my reactions to life have calmed down. We still don’t have J’s car back, but the mechanic has informed us that his lawyer misunderstood his request. In fact, he asked him to send a letter to the former mechanic, not to J. It looks like he might even take payments from us eventually should we need to go that route. Meanwhile, we’re going to contact the former mechanic on our own to see if we can make some headway before scaring them with a lawsuit.

J and I also had a long talk last night about the job she was going to take, and we decided it was not in our best interest for her to take it when they couldn’t promise her anything but part-time work. Since then, we’ve heard from a university where J applied to teach, and she may be getting a couple of classes for the fall. She now has the motivation to apply for other jobs, for even teaching one or two classes would make working in some generic office a lot more palatable. And so her outlook has improved, and this helps us both.

I’m waiting out the summer as I fulfill my obligations to my current job, and then I’m going to find some stellar position doing something I’ll be great at. What that is yet, I do not know.


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2 responses to “an update on the car/work sagas

  1. I’m glad things seem more manageable this week. I find summer can fix a lot of the wrong. Hopefully you’ll both have fun new jobs soon.

  2. tbean

    I’m right there with you on the job saga and I hope both of us are doing something stellar this fall. Something that is great and excites us and pays well and is challenging and all that crap. And babies for both of us. And a pony. 🙂

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