nothing to see here, folks

The test was negative. I hate to write that, both because negative HPTs suck and because I hate to let my readers down.

But before you send me too many condolences, you should know that I’m not completely defeated yet. My temps went up again today, and I have no signs of blood. Usually by now, my temperature has started to dip, so I haven’t lost all hope. I’m just waiting–and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.



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10 responses to “nothing to see here, folks

  1. giggleblue

    i shall keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

  2. I am happy to hear that you are not defeated. We are waiting here with you too!

  3. jay

    waiting with you too. xx

  4. tbean

    you never disappoint me…
    waiting with you as well

  5. vee

    Add a little hope to that wait from me.

  6. Yep, count me in on the waiting game with you, too.
    Thumbs pressed and fingers crossed!

  7. honey, don’t ever worry about us! sorry for the pressure earlier. i’m still crossed for you and your soaring temps. xoxo

  8. jessie

    sending pregnancy vibes your way!

  9. We’re here to support YOU!!!!!! My fingers are so very crossed that this is it. Temps going up is something to celebrate!!! Good luck T!!!!! Hoping, hoping, hoping. xo

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