the waiting game

We’re still holding out over here. I’m on CD26 at 11dpo. Temps went up today. Still have aching, painful breasts. I want to test, but I’m forcing myself to wait. Friday will be the day. But the waiting, oh, the waiting!

I find that every time I’ve not peed for awhile, I am so very tempted to test, so I’ve been making myself empty my bladder each time that box of HPTs starts to seduce me. If I have an empty bladder, there’s nothing left to splash onto a stick and, therefore, no chance that I’ll be let down by the big white strip.

I’m just ready for the wait to be over. Whether it ends with a second pink line or streak of red, I’m ready.



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4 responses to “the waiting game

  1. g-d, those last few days are hell. i’m frustrated for you! hope it zips by quick and you see pink, not red.

  2. R

    Uhhhhhhhhhh.. sending you positive energy 🙂

  3. tbean

    I’ll work on my superpowers that can actually accelerate the speed of the earth’s rotation. By my count, you should be to Friday am in about twenty or thirty minutes! xoxo

  4. reproducinggenius

    Oh, you’re so sweet, tbean, to try to use your superpowers. Oh, how I wish they would work! We’ve decided to test tomorrow, so we’ll let everyone know.

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