One cohesive topic seems a hardship for me today, so rather than writing stilted prose, I’ve made a list–a list of good things:

  1. We have crosshairs. It appears that I ovulated on Saturday, making for some damn good timing for the insemination.
  2. Hope has returned to Haus der ReproducingGenius.
  3. J and I are going for a picnic today. I will be drinking a single glass of wine. Maybe it will be my last for a number of months.
  4. We’re going to see this travelling Picasso pottery exhibit today, and J doesn’t know.
  5. Farmer’s Market is tonight, and there will be strawberries. Strawberries that are the sweetest of sweet things. Strawberries that are probably being picked right now.
  6. J is applying for jobs at this very moment. She is ready to get out into the world again. This is tricky for me because I like having her home, but I also like the confidence she has when she has work. Plus, she’s a people person, and while I’m perfectly content sitting at home reading a book or communing with invisible friends, she needs to associate with others–real life others–to feel herself. I sense that she will be doing that soon (and bringing in a steady income again).
  7. It’s going to be 88 degrees today. We are gearing up to a 100-degree day on Thursday. I’m kind of thrilled at the thought of intense heat. I mean, I hate it, but this is my first spring/summer living in crazy heat in many years, and somehow the newness of that is invigorating. Where we used to live, the low 70s were our summer temps. This was when shorts were worn by those who wear them (I hate shorts, but I’ll do skirts, dresses, and the like).
  8. Our finances have improved over the last week. We’re still on a strict budget, but some much-needed money has finally come through making breathing a bit easier until J finds her dream job (or something like it).
  9. I finally found some allergy meds that work for me (and they are apparently TTC-safe). The fifty sequential sneezes that were happening at least ten times a day were really draining me and making it impossible for me to go outside. I haven’t taken meds in a long time because none of them were working for me anymore–even the strongest of the Rx variety. Now some of the OTC brands are working. This makes me very happy.
  10. I had a crazy surge in readers yesterday. Welcome! Why not let me know who you are? I promise not to embarass you in public.


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6 responses to “goodness

  1. tbean

    Enjoy the wine! Yay for crosshairs!

  2. Congrats on the timing! I’m so hopeful for you this cycle. You sound wonderful. Love Love Love.

  3. twoladiesinwaiting

    Good for you on the timing! That’s terrific! Enjoy the berries and vino.

  4. R

    HIIIIIIIIIII!! Here from MD!! 🙂 ya should move here!!

  5. Happy to hear that hope is in the house. and I am jealous of your strawberries they sound devine.

  6. woooohoooo to cross hairs and good timing.

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