Happy (Aspiring) Mother’s Day

We have finished the weekend of family. Today, after the last of them left, J got us some glasses of sparkling juice. I grabbed our books from the bedroom, and we collapsed on the sofa to read. We spent the day reading and napping, reading and napping. And then we had popcorn. It’s been a good day.

It was great to see my sister. She’s due on the 14th of June, so she’s gotten quite big since the last time I saw her. We did all kinds of celebratory things with her. I made the baby a couple of little beanies (which I failed to photograph before sending away with her), so I got to give those to her. I also got to have a photo shoot with her. J took her away for a manicure and pedicure while my mom and I set up a studio in our guest room. When my sister returned, I revealed the surprise and everyone took off to do some wine tasting while we stayed behind to take photos. I hauled out some jewelery, potential drapes, and we pulled out some clothes of hers, and we proceeded to play dress-up. It was a lot of fun and a nice opportunity for us to bond.

She’s a beautiful pregnant woman–so healthy and happy–and it was lovely to be able to capture that.

Here are a couple of my favorites that don’t reveal her identity (my true favorites are those that capture all kinds of lovely expressions of hers, but I don’t have her permission to post these, so I’m leaving those out for now):


I got to feel her baby–my niece–move last night. And I felt her foot. This is always so magical to me, and yet it makes that longing to feel my own so much more profound.  Sigh.



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3 responses to “Happy (Aspiring) Mother’s Day

  1. twoladiesinwaiting

    Beautiful, beautiful.

  2. These are so lovely.
    Isn’t it funny that perfect days almost always include popcorn?

  3. These are amazing photos – she is lucky to have you taking them for her.

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