bad sleeper

I’m typing with giant bags under my eyes. I had the worst night’s sleep last night. We stayed up in a daze wathing Ren.o911, and all the while, I was nonchalantly drinking iced tea. Caffeinated iced tea. For a smart person, I can be fairly stupid.

We used the last of our swimmers as I went to bed (Instead method this time because somehow we scraped my girly bits with the syringe earlier. Ow.), and then I proceeded to try to sleep.

This was fruitless.

I laid there thinking about what I needed to do in the morning to prepare for my visiting family and the baby blessing. When I finally slept, I had dreams about the prep work. Every hour or two, I would just wake up. Each time, I had difficulty going back to sleep. Damn, I was restless. J tried to comfort me a few times to get me back to sleep, but apparently I was wiggling too much, so she had to let me go to my side of the bed. I felt like I needed to be swaddled.

So now, I’m up, and I’m exhausted, and I’ve got to put in a couple of hours at work before I can prep anything, but then I have to go-go-go all day. Ugh. Lesson learned: no iced tea before bed.

We’re officially lodged in the TWW now. Please, Goddess, let it pass quickly.



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2 responses to “bad sleeper

  1. oh I’ve done that iced tea thing. It just tastes so yummy!

  2. Oh I hate nights like that….totally annoying.
    And welcome to the wait!!! Fingers crossed!!!

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