We’re waiting for FedEx to shop up. They were supposed to deliver the goods by noon. It’s 2:30 here, and we have no sperm in sight.

We also have no positive OPK. Everything else is in order: the EWCM, the HS cervix, the usual ovulation pains. However, we have only the faintest of lines on the OPKs. I did switch to internet cheapies this time. We had been using ClearBlues. Could that be it? Or is my body just saying, “I think we’ll take a month off!” as things get more and more dire around here?

And so, I repeat my title, WTF?!



Filed under ovulation, sperm

2 responses to “WTF?

  1. A) internet cheapies never worked well for me, so don’t stress. EWCM is gold.

    B) shall we, together, take down fedex? Truck by truck, drop spot by drop spot. We can do it, I’m sure. After we’re both knocked up. Fucking fedex. I hate them.

    I hope they have delivered the goods by now.

  2. reproducinggenius

    Yes, let’s do it. Let’s take ’em down. I’ve had it with them (and I know you have too)!

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