We got our sperm. It arrived about half an hour after I wrote my post–three hours late. On top of the tardiness, there was a sticker on the package that said “Keep Frozen.” It had not been kept cold. The icepacks inside were cool, but the goods were not as cold as they should have been. I’m hoping the buffer that Bio.Tranz uses kept the little guys alive.  I want to harm FedEx. (And SHG, if you’re reading, it’s on–let’s get the bastards!)

Soooo, we used some and are saving some for later tonight. I’m so utterly baffled about what’s going on with my body though. When will I ovulate? Will it ever show up on these stupid OPKs I got because I was too cheap to buy the good ones? Only time will tell. I’m going to try to be hopeful.

Tonight, J and I have to focus on getting ready for family to visit. It seems my brother and his girlfriend will be coming to participate in the baby welcoming festivities as well. I’m beginning to wonder if we planned ahead well enough. Tonight, there’s a cake to bake, a house to clean, shopping to do, and so much more. Ugh. I’ll have much to report after the weekend is over, I’m sure.



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2 responses to “finally

  1. *phew*
    Fingers crossed and welcome to the wait!

  2. Glad it finally showed up! I’m sure they still were cold enough. I use the internet cheapies 90% of the time and haven’t had a problem, so don’t be hard on yourself for scrimping! So many of your signs are aligned, it’s got to be spot on. I’m so hopeful for you darling!

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