Fertility signs seem to be creeping in as the week progresses, so we’ve asked Mr. G for a Friday shipment. I’ll probably O on Saturday like last time, so timing won’t be too bad, especially if we save a little for Saturday morning.

I don’t think I mentioned that I was an idiot last month. Yes, I was. A big one. While reviewing some chapters in Stephanie Brill’s wonderful book, and all of her tips on insemination, I had a forehead-smacking moment. “Avoid swimming for twenty-four hours after insemination.” I went swimming on the day of our insemination. In a chlorinated pool. I think we killed the sperm last month. It’s not like it was right afterward, but it certainly wasn’t a full day–not even twelve hours. It was more like three or four. I’m really not this stupid. It was just hot out, and having recently moved from the land of no-outdoor-swimming-pools-because-it will-never-in-one’s-life-be-warm-enough-to-swim-outdoors, I never really thought about the dangers of swimming; it wasn’t part of my reality. Now I live in a climate that gets downright hot, and swimming has become a necessity to keep this cold climate gal from suffering heat stroke when it’s 80. Still, what was I thinking? Clearly, I wasn’t. Clearly, I was thinking, I need to cool down. I need to pass the time before my cruise. I need to be an idiot. Needless to say, I won’t be swimming this time, despite the heatwave that is due to hit us this weekend. Instead, I’ll dangle my toes in the water and think about making our baby. (See below–and Rachel’s comment–for update.)

My sister will be here this weekend, as will my mom. We’re holding our little baby welcoming soirée and engaging in some fun and relaxing girl activities. Mostly sis is excited to swim because she’s terribly uncomfortable with just over a month to go before she pops, but she also loves coming here because this is where she lived when she was a young, independent, confident woman. She doesn’t know we’ll be having a pregnant belly photo shoot, which I think will be the highlight. Seeing her will be good. We probably won’t see her again until the baby is born. I can’t believe my sister is going to be a mom in a month.


Hopefully, as we hold our niece for the first time, J and I will be biting our tongues to keep from sharing that we’re pregnant too. A girl can dream, can’t she? 

**ETA: Thank you, Rachel at Highway TTC for permission to unsmack my head and for the really great information. You’re right: while Brill can offer some great advice, I do typically take her with a grain of salt. I’ll continue to do so. 



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6 responses to “swimmers

  1. You can unsmack your forehead. Stephanie Brill has her good moments, but the “no swimming” thing is moronic. The vagina is ANAEROBIC — no AIR gets in there much less water, unless you are pumping it in with a hand pump. Seriously. I promise you your vagina was not full of chlorine after swimming.

    Furthermore, any sperm that are going to swim up through the cervix do it within roughly 30 minutes of insemination. By 12 hours left there’s nothing in your vagina but the dead ‘uns. And if chlorine isn’t getting into your vagina (ouch) you can be darn sure it’s not getting past your cervix and into your uterus/fallopian tubes.

    Why I am so sure: my beloved studies vaginal microbiota for a living — I’m not kidding, she’s a twatologist. For realz.

  2. twoladiesinwaiting

    I’m glad that the family weekend went well — and even before I read Rachel’s comment I was going to suggest that you not fret about the swimming. Although I am decidedly not a twatologist, but desire to be one, I am very aware of how eager we womenfolk are to attribute non-conception to our own actions. Sometimes it’s just fate, or science, or god(dess). Best< best, best to you this month!

  3. vee

    Hee – Twatologist – bet that’s a dinner party conversation stopped.

    I hope the thing with your sister is bearable. We’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Yay for having an insem soon!!! Hey, I was going to offer a little tip that I really think helped our insem work (if you girls don’t do this already). The time it worked, K left the syringe in. Usually we injected the stuff slowly, and then took it out. WELL, she just left it in, as far as it could comfortably go. Sorry for the TMI, but I just thought I’d mention it, it may have been the reason it worked for us!

    Hoping you have a nice time seeing your sis. I think it’s so sweet that you’re doing this baby welcoming soiree.!!!

    I’m wishing you tons of luck for this insem. I hope this is IT. xo

  5. reproducinggenius

    Thanks, Tiff! Yes, we do leave the syringe in–sometimes longer than others, but for at least fifteen minutes. Once, we did take it out right away, and a bunch of swimmers came with it. We never did that again! Anyway, thanks for the reminder!

  6. I am hoping for perfect timing for you two, and I think a baby and family focused weekend sounds perfect – I hope you are bitting your tongue at that babies birth.

    ps.I had no ideal there was a profession of twatologist – the things you learn. 🙂

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