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I’ve nearly recovered from the weekend. It’s always difficult navigating family, and my parents love to bicker. They were having one of their off weekends where they were bickering nonstop. It was tiring to say the least, and it kept us from having any sustained amount of fun with them. Why must family be so difficult?

We did go to an incredible Annie Leibovitz exhibit in San Francisco. This was one of our highlights. This travelling exhibit is connected with her new book, and it’s stunning with lots of personal images of her life with Susan Sontag as well as her babies that she had in her fifties (although her twins were born to a surrogate). If the exhibit comes to your city, go see it. It’s worth it.

We also golfed for the first time in our lives this weekend. My step-dad enjoys golfing, so he taught us. I think J and I may pick up golfing on a more regular basis. It was oddly fun. I suck, but it was fun.

This week, I’m just waiting for some fertility signs to rear their heads. Nothing yet, but I think I’ll start my OPKs anyway today. I’ve got to have Mr. G send his shipment for Friday, so I’m hoping my body figures out the schedule I have in mind for it.  Oh how frustrated I will be if I ovulate over the weekend–or worse, Monday.



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4 responses to “this and that

  1. I hate when I have to have my body cooperate with my time line. It just adds such stress. I hope the O comes exactly when you want it to!

  2. Hoping for a Tuesday or later peak!

  3. Monday ovulation sucks. How I hate fedex…..
    Fingers crossed for you!

  4. tbean

    Love Annie L.–my wife bought me the book for xmas last year. I bet the photos are even more amazing in person.

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