ever-changing tides

My parents are coming for a visit this weekend so that we can celebrate my mom’s birthday with her. Since we moved, we’re much closer to my family–a mere three-hour drive as opposed to the seven-hour trip it once was. We’re already reaping the benefits of having family close, but we also look forward to having them nearby once we’re successful in starting our family. I have so many wonderful memories of extended family when I was a child, but J didn’t have many experiences with aunts and uncles, grandparents, and cousins. We both want this so much for our kids.

With the impendng arrival of my family’s first grandchild–my first neice–everything is about to change. It’s a welcome change in so many ways. We all love spending time together as adults, but we’ve all felt that readiness for a next generation to focus on for some time, and now it’s coming. It will be nice for things to be different, but I’m worried about this too.

For a long time, J and I have been the ones my parents come to for fun. They seem to enjoy being friends with us as much as they enjoy being parents. Part of me is afraid that once the baby is born, we’re going to lose that with them. My sister lives just twenty minutes from my parents, and she’s going to need their support, and of course, my mom is going to be obsessed with the new grandchild. So the question becomes, What about me?

Sometimes I feel like such a child for having these concerns. I actually am excited to see the transformation of my family. I’m eager to see us all grow in new ways, to see our dynamics shift yet again; I just hope we can add our own member of the new generation to the mix here soon because I think my biggest fear right now is feeling left out.




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3 responses to “ever-changing tides

  1. twoladiesinwaiting

    I’m sure your own desire for a baby is irattlin’ around in the old psyche as well. 😉

    (Don’t feel like a child, it’s only natural to be both hesitant and excited about change.)

  2. jay

    i get what you are saying, totally! and i don’t think you’re being childish at all. you’re only human, and someday you’ll have a child to add to the equation and your mum will be obsessed with them too xxxx

  3. Awh. I don’t think it’s anything unnatural you’re feeling. You won’t be left out, and it will be cool to see how your family changes. It will probably be good changes! You just wait till you’re pregnant – your mom will be ON THE MOON! xo

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