Poor Rooster


We were at one of our favorite wineries today, and they have many different birds. Our favorites were a flock of about ten little ducklings following close behind their mum who reminded us that spring is definitely here. However, there was also a rooster–a poor old rooster who couldn’t get his voice. Instead of the usual cock-a-doodle-doo! he had more of a cock-a-rrrrrrrr…. Oh he was sad. We knew how he felt. He sounded like he had a cold, the poor thing.

At the same moment, my allergies flared up. I sneezed a total of probably fifty times in half an hour. I love spring.


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One response to “Poor Rooster

  1. Awh! Poor thing indeed!! Ha, I swear K and I sneezed 20 times yesterday. Have a lovely weekend girls 🙂 xo

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