food, glorious food

The winds have been blustering for the past couple of days, reflecting my somewhat turbulant mood of late. This period brought with it some horrid mood swings, but I’m coming out of it and looking forward. Yesterday I was feeling dizzy and faint. Sometimes this happens to me on bad period days. J came to the rescue though, and we had medium rare chateaubriand (local, grass fed, pasture-raised) for dinner. We so rarely eat beef, but last night was one of those nights when I needed it, and today I’m right as rain.


We’ve been reveling in our local food purchases. I cannot wait for the season to really pick up. I’m eager for strawberries fresh from the patch down the road. And tomatoes. We were never able to grow tomatoes where we lived before, and while the local tomatoes were okay, they weren’t plentiful. Here, they will be. Here, we will be swimming in all varieties of tomatoes come mid-summer. I’m having fantasies of canning salsa, pasta sauce, stewed tomatoes.

I have a feeling it won’t be long before J and I start looking for a house with a yard so that we can get our hands dirty and grow our own foods again. I miss my own fresh spinach and lettuce, and I want to know what we can grow here that we couldn’t before. I want to try out my gardening chops in a place where things really do grow. I don’t seem to feel like myself unless I can have my hands in the soil. This Virgo needs the dirt to keep her connected to her earthy roots. For now, I’ve got my cilantro, my dill, even some rosemary and basil sprouts, and those will have to do.



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2 responses to “food, glorious food

  1. I planted my first vegetable garden at this house 2 weeks ago. It felt SO good. Whew, it’s a load off my shoulders knowing that seeds turning into tiny little sprouts as we speak. 🙂

  2. Honey, this is my kind of post. I so wish we lived close by and could do local food dinner parties together.

    This virgo is nuts for good tomatoes too. Hope you get buckets.

    I’m so sorry about the blood and hope you feel better soon. Period mood swings are just a kick when you’re down. Thinking of you.

    Beautiful post. ox

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