It’s official

J here. I know, I know, I rarely post, but that’s because T’s so good at it that I just don’t need to. Today, though, T started spotting, so she’s on the couch feeling a bit low, and I thought I’d deliver the news.

It sucks for both of us. We both attach so much hope to each attempt. This will be the month we tell ourselves, and we actually believe it for a while. Then comes the wait, and then comes her period, and the let down does not get easier, Ladies, it just doesn’t. We just want it so bad.

For me, I try to be very positive and hopeful and supportive during each step of the process because I want this just as much as my wife does, but I don’t have my body invested in it, but my heart, oh yes, always is invested. It’s hard, though. T’s little sis is preggers, about to have a baby in a few months, and I just can’t help but be jealous. I wish it was us; I really do. I’m working on those feelings, though it’s taking me some time.

So we’ll keep trying, hoping, and staying positive, but today is a downer, and I just wanted to pass that along.

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10 responses to “It’s official

  1. J

    Lots of love for you ladies.

  2. I’m so sorry. Lots of hugs and comfort for you.

  3. So sorry. It sucks. It just does. Ouch. Sending big hugs.

  4. I’m sorry. They never get easier do they. Hugs

  5. hi there – thanks for checking out my blog, and for the nice comments. I look forward to following your TTC journey, and am adding you to my blogroll. I’m so sorry to hear this month wasn’t successful for you. 😦 That just sucks. We’ll send lots of good baby karma your way! **hugs**

  6. we are in bed drinking coffee (only a small cup for vee!) and feeling so sorry. hugs from us too xxxx

  7. So, so sorry….it never gets easier. It always sucks.

  8. I’m so sorry. You’re being a fabulous partner though and I’m sure T appreciates your support. My thoughts are with you both. ox

  9. Crap, y’all.
    I’m so sorry.

  10. Awh girls… words can’t express how sad I am for you both. You both are so positive, month after month. I know how badly you want this. I want it to happen for you soon. It’s just so unfair. Gosh. What do the doctor’s recommend? Just keeping trying? I know for us, they said they wouldn’t do anything until we had been trying for a year. What about you? Okay, I’m sending so much love and support your way and just hope like heck that this happens SOON. xoxo

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