the view from here: a year of blogging

Today is my blog’s first anniversary, and I nearly forgot! It’s been quite a year, and I honestly didn’t believe when I started this thing that I would manage to keep up with it. Here I am, though, a year later, still reporting negative tests and fake symptoms. Sigh.

So much has changed in a year. When I started out, we were still so excited, so naive, so optimistic. But with nearly a year of off and on TTC under our belts, I still feel like I’m new at all of this. I just don’t have the same blind hope I once did.

But I do have to say that this blog has been a life saver. I so appreciate my wonderful readers, both those who respond and those who read quietly. It somehow makes all of this a little easier to know there are others out there like J and I who are at various stages in this process and who want to know how we’re handling it. This is an amazing community, the IVP, and I’m so glad I joined up.



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5 responses to “the view from here: a year of blogging

  1. happy blogversary girls!!!!! i am so happy i came across your blog one sunny june evening last year 🙂 you inspired me.

    i’m really hoping AF stays far away from you and ‘m still all crossed for you. xo

  2. i’m glad you are still here. keep writing and keep trying.

  3. Happy anniversary! I’m so glad you share this part of your life and love reading. xo

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