I tested a few minutes ago, and it was a negative–a large white expanse of test strip staring back at me (okay, so it wasn’t exactly large, but it sure seemed big).

We’re off to go for a hike this afternoon. My guess is AF will be here by this evening. If not, I’ll be surprised, but I’m not holding out much hope. It is 12dpo after all–not exactly early.

Two more rounds to go before we have to figure everything out all over again.



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9 responses to “nope

  1. jay

    : ( i would imagine it was a very large expanse. i am so sorry. enjoy the hike…. hiking is good. xxxx

  2. vee

    Stupid white empty void.

  3. So sorry hun. I hate that white emptiness.

    Thank you for all your support and sweet words.

    Wish you were around the corner. I’d bring you tea. Or maybe whiskey.

  4. That white space always looks HUGE. Sorry.

  5. I’m sorry. It’s always a fresh kick in the teeth, no matter how much you expect it.

  6. tbean

    majorly sorry
    that is the largest expanse of plain white I’ve ever had the misfortune of staring it

  7. fuck. I am so sorry for the negative.
    it just sucks.

  8. Well, fuck. I will never understand why the disappointment doesn’t get easier with practice.

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