Head Games

I know I’ve mentioned before that I hate the mind fuck that is TTC, but I really hate it today. Pseudo-symptoms remain the same:

  1. I feel as though I’ve been hit across the chest with a baseball bat. J vehemently denies conducting any batting practice while I’ve been sleeping, but my breasts still hurt like the dickens (what does that phrase mean, anyway? Time for some etymological research).
  2. My fatigue is also playing mind games with me. I took a two-hour nap yesterday after getting ten hours of sleep the night before. J tells me I’m catching up after our trip, so I’m going with her explanation.
  3. I’m crampy, which is not usual for me before my period. I don’t typically have cramps until a day or two after my period starts. I think I’ve been sitting around too much though.
  4. My mood is more stable than usual. That is to say, I haven’t bitten off a single person’s head recently. This is odd for me in the days leading up to my period, but perhaps I’m just happy from going to Mexico.

See? They’re all fake.

As luck would have it, we have no pregnancy tests in the house, and I don’t plan to get any until tomorrow. I’m at 11DPO today. It would not be unusual for AF to show up tomorrow, and I fully expect her to do so. I don’t want to think about all of this. In fact, I’m 50% certain that all of these so-called “symptoms” are just textbook PMS.

On another note, thank you all for your tips on making it through the lonely times. You’ve given us some great suggestions and comfort. These are some tough growing pains, but I think we’ll make it through.



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5 responses to “Head Games

  1. jay

    Fingers crossed that the mind fuck is wrong for a change and it isn’t PMT!

  2. tbean

    The last 48 hours are excruciating. Here’s hoping there is some amazing news at the other end for you. If not…well..you know–we’re all here.

  3. That’s 50% certain that it isn’t pms! I’m going with that. All crossed!

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