fill ‘er up

Our very important shipment arrived today, but I still don’t have a postive OPK. What’s the deal? Fortunately, with BioTranz, the sample is expanded by about four times its usual quantity, so we’re able to split it up, but I’m so concerned that we’re way too early this time around. What is confusing me is that my other fertility signs are lining up, so it seems to me that I should be at least somewhere near ovulation.

All uncertainty aside, we went ahead with an insemination this morning. We are out of PreSeed, out of Insteads; in fact, we were altogether unprepared in so many ways. But with another tonight, and maybe even another in the morning, we’re hoping for the best.



Filed under insemination, OPK, ovulation, ttc

3 responses to “fill ‘er up

  1. and when you get pregnant this cycle, you can pretend it was an unplanned pregnancy…

  2. AJ

    Hoping for the best right along with you.

  3. I say listen to your body. Sometimes it’s better to count on that then a piece of plastic, you know?


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