tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

All day, I’ve been convinced that today was Friday. I’ve had to remind myself no less than ten times that tomorrow is Friday. Tomorrow is the day we start reaching for that dream of all dreams again.

I’m still waiting to get that positive OPK I thought I would have by now. Crap. Our sperm is in the mail, though (more like on a FedEx truck), so we’re going to go ahead with this. As I mentioned yesterday, the other signs are here, so maybe I’ll blame the new brand of OPKs we got, or maybe I’m just not going to O until Saturday. That would be pretty good, actually. Far better than ovulating the day after we inseminate as has been the case on more than one occasion.

Either way, we get the goods tomorrow morning, and we’ll inseminate by noon. We should have enough to split it into two samples, so we’ll do another tomorrow night just for good measure. It feels like an eternity since I’ve climbed to the summit of Mt. Pillowtop, and I’m looking forward to it.



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2 responses to “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

  1. vee

    I’m so excited that you’re getting going again!

  2. AJ

    Welcome back! I hope everything goes well.

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