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Mall Rats

Today, J and I spent half the day walking around the big giant mall in the nearby city. After selling my truck last week, we booked ourselves this cruise for our anniversary, and we thought we could use a few items to prepare for it.

J and I don’t visit the mall often. We’re not keen on the materialist lifestyles they breed, nor do we much like the frenetic energy that causes nearly everyone in such a place to feel overstimulated and exhausted. But we braved it today. We thought it might even be fun. And in an odd sort of way, it was. We mostly enjoyed making fun of the ridiculous modern renderings of the styles we wore as children, but we also spent plenty of time fantasizing about looking out at the ocean, tropical beverages in hand, as we sail down the Baja coast.

 But back to the mall.

What was perhaps not so fun was realizing that the mall is truly meant for teenagers. We went into countless clothing stores only to turn around upon realizing the clothes were “juniors’.” I just kept giving J this confused look. When did we get so old?I guess I don’t remember malls being like this. I always thought there was a little something for everyone, but not here. Even places like Macy’s seemed filled to the brim with adolescent girls spritzing copious amounts of noxious perfume into the air and painting each other’s faces with overpriced cosmetics.

I am old.

Actually, I think the problem is simply that I don’t understand this lifestyle anymore, but I guess I never did. When I was a teenager and hung out at the mall, my time was spent at music stores and book stores–or in those hideous accessory “boutiques” which I frequented more to practice my latest shoplifting skills than to actually shop. So I guess that’s it. I never was a mall rat, and I suppose I won’t be in my thirties.

J and I came home today with the greatest intention of going on a long walk, but instead, we simply collapsed. I don’t imagine we’ll be going back to the mall any time soon–but at least I got a cute new pair of flip-flops.

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