CD2 and Photos

First, some photos for the “Cross” theme for Photo Friday:

navigatingclouds.jpg  lawnladder.jpg

I don’t think my period has ever brought so much hope. This hope is accompanied by lovely cramps, bloating, and irritability, but I like the hope bit. In just a couple of weeks, we’ll get to put an end to this break, and we’re both excited about it. The break did what it was supposed to do. It has found the two of us closer and more committed to our family, and it has found us healthier too. I can’t say that I’ve found that original blind hope that I had when we first started, but I can say that we’re ready for these next few months and whatever they may hold for us.


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2 responses to “CD2 and Photos

  1. Beautiful photos and yay for new cycle, new hope. I am hoping like hell for you two. You deserve for this dream to be a reality, soon. Wishing you SO much luck this cycle.

  2. jay

    Hope is always good. I am hoping for you too! Great pictures xx

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