Photos: Geometry

This week’s Photo Friday theme allowed me to go back to my photographic roots a bit. I started taking photographs as a child and didn’t take a class until I was a senior in high school. When I did, I took a class at the community college, and I found out that this was an art form that I could be good at if I worked on my technical skills. At the time, I photographed friends quite a bit, but in the coming years, I began taking photography classes at the university, and I discovered that I loved shapes, loved capturing geometry in everyday things. I have always been drawn to architecture especially, so the photos for this week showcase some recent architecture I’ve photographed. It’s funny; for the last few years, I have been challenging myself to step away from the basic shapes and lines–to move on to a new type of subject–but I’m always drawn back to the geometry of things.

The first photo is from the Wolf House. It was to have been Jack London’s home, but it burned down a week before he and his wife could move in. What stands now is a stone structure that is quite breathtaking. This is just a small wall of windows that I liked:


The next two are taken at local wineries. Any time I need a cool architecture fix, I can be sure to find it at these places.



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  1. Excellent photos. I am impressed by your abilities and jealous of the great local places you can go to anytime!

    Btw I tagged you at my blog – What’s on your nightstand?

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