I feel like I’m about eighty right now. I threw out my back. I did this a few days ago when lying on the floor, and I simply shifted the wrong way, and–Pop!–my lower back/hip region was out. Yesterday, I assembled large bookcases (photos still to come), and I moved heavy objects by myself, and now I’m in very bad shape indeed.

As luck would have it, J put her back out doing laundry this weekend, and she found a good chiropractor down the street. She even has a clinic dog who attends to patients in pain! I believe I will be paying her a visit today.

I just can’t believe that we moved everything we owned, and didn’t injur ourselves, but we take on simple everyday tasks, and we get this. Why can’t I ever have interesting or glamorous injury stories?

For anyone interested in obsessing for me, my BBT dropped nearly half a degree yesterday, and it’s back up over another half a degree today. More on that tomorrow.



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7 responses to “Ouch!

  1. I’ll obsess for you! Implantation dip wooooooooooo!! 🙂

    Oh I’m so jealous. Bookcases make me drool. I want to have a library in my home when I get older and richer:) Definitely want to see pics.

  2. jay

    *Refrains from obsessing for sanity’s sake – all round!*

    I too would like to see the bookcase! And if it makes you feel better, vee did her hip in tonight when she was running for the train (and she’ll kill me for saying so)!! xx

  3. B

    I am the same way with injuries. 2 years ago I broke my ankle stepping off of a curb and in December I broke my foot walking out of the house. I am often encouraged to embellish my injury stories to make myself appear less klutzy.

  4. reproducinggenius

    B, I just nearly spit my coffee out laughing! That is so like me. I actually broke my leg walking through a doorway once. I also chipped my ankle bone when a can of orange juice concentrate fell on it. I could barely walk for a week, and whenever people asked me about it, I hesitated to say anything.

  5. I make nothing of your temp drop. Nothing. That’s not me over here making something (like an implantation dip) of your temp.

    Your new chiro sounds so good. Mine moved to Mexico and I miss her so much. Get better, now.

  6. So sorry that you are sore. Since you are surrounded by books these days, I tagged you. Check out my blog for details!

  7. ouch!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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