Photo Friday: Tranquility

I’m finally settled in enough to take part in the new Photo Friday. This week’s theme resonated with a feeling I’ve had more than ever since we moved: tranquility. Below is my rendering of the theme:


 Pictured is our boy cat, Pierre, who loves our new fireplace. Since it’s been raining, we’ve lit a fire every night, and he loves staring at it, stretching in front of it. The boy is in love with the fire–and so are his human mamas. J will come home from work, and during dinner, we’ll have a fire. We’ll eat, and then she’ll lounge on the floor with Pierre, enjoying the crackle and glow. Unfortunately, the floor seems to have caused my back to go out, so I admire them from the chair or the sofa.

 There are so many elements of our new hometown that make me feel tranquil. Perhaps it’s that everyone is slightly buzzed on really good wine most of the time; perhaps it has more to do with the green rolling hills and temperate climate. Whatever it is, I feel more at peace than ever here, and for that I am ever-so-grateful.



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3 responses to “Photo Friday: Tranquility

  1. i LOVE this. the wine glass totally makes it perfect. oh how i wish we had a fireplace at the new house 🙂

  2. Looks so very peaceful!!

  3. Awesome photo. Makes me wish I had a fireplace!

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