semicolons and inseminations

Wow, I was cranky yesterday! I think I’m in this space where I’m ready for all the trying to be over. I’m normally so patient, but now that we’re settled in our new place, I want our whole new life to begin. I need to get into more of a zen space. I have a feeling that once life calms down even more that this will happen. In the meantime, it’s a little frustrating.

 I was so cranky yesterday that I didn’t really talk about how amusing the whole thing was. I was actually working at my online job when I inseminated. (No, I don’t work for any of those adult sites. ) Instead, I respond to student writing, and I also work live with students on grammar and writing questions in a chatroom type setting. Well, I was working one of these live sessions when the sperm showed up at the door. Once I finished with the current student, I had to quickly get everything under way, so I temporarily closed my chatroom, took my laptop to the bedroom, propped myself up, and injected some DNA. Directly after, I had to get back to work, so I opened my chatroom back up, and as soon as I did, I had another student.

 So there I am, no undergarments on, my butt propped up on a pillow, and the laptop resting on my abdomen, and I was trying to type. It was ridiculous, and I couldn’t help but laugh. I managed to get through the next three hours of my shift (and I did get up after an hour or so), but that one hour was one to remember.

On the ovulation front, my temperature went up again today, and I’m certain that tomorrow, FF will say I ovulated the day before insemination. My intuition says it happened very late that night or early on the morning of insemination, which isn’t ideal but is within the realm of possibility. I’m still promising myself that I’m not going to obsess. Instead, I’m going to evaluate our options for next time and see if J and I can come up with some viable possibilities.



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4 responses to “semicolons and inseminations

  1. go with intuition. ff told me i ovulated the day before i really ovulated on the month we got pregnant…

  2. Stick with your promise to not obsess…. it drives you crazy doesn’t it? I know you want the trying part to just be over. Hope this is it for you guys!!!

    I think your online job sounds kinda cool! Funny story about your insem too!!

    Fingers crossed gals 🙂

  3. jay

    got fingers xed here too!

    also got an online job very similar to yours – small world, huh – USEFUL! ;o) xx

  4. It definitely is in the realm of possibility. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is it!

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