swimming up the coast

I can’t believe it, considering just two posts ago, I was confirming that I was not pregnant, but it’s O time for me again. I forgot how quickly all of this happens when we’re doing this regularly. I’ve been taking OPKs for a few days now, and late this morning had a strong positive. Our swimmers should get here tomorrow, but I’m so scared that this egg is going to pop out before then making it all pointless. I believe I have mentioned before how much I hate this timing part, so I won’t go there again. For now, I’m comforted knowing our sperm will be on their way up the California coast in just a couple of hours.

This will be my first time going through a home insemination without my sweetheart here. She’s got to work all day, and we agreed that I should move things along as soon as our swimmers arive. I will also be working from home, which should be interesting!  Again, I just hope my egg doesn’t pop out too soon. Any “hold it in” vibes you want to send my way would be much appreciated!

Aside from all of the exciting TTC stuff, we’re really settling in here. We love our home and are about 65% moved in. We even have art on the walls! This weekend we did too much shopping, finding some great new bookcases (which we sorely needed for our twelve boxes of books), a potential new sofa suitable for snuggling, and some contenders for a new dining table.  We also had the pleasure of a visit from my brother and his girlfriend. We got to take them wine tasting, which was a blast. Below is a photo from our excursion with them on Saturday. It’s taken just a few minutes from our house. This place is so breathtaking. I love it.






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3 responses to “swimming up the coast

  1. i’m sending hold it vibes to you!

  2. so glad that you guys are settling in well. That photo is STUNNING!
    & lots of mojo your way for perfect timing.

  3. I soooo hate timing issues too! I think it is worse than the TWW.
    Good luck and sending good vibes to you!
    Beautiful pic!

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