I am still alive, despite the lack of evidence on my blog. J and I had to go clean our old place this weekend. There’s nothing like hanging out in an empty house all weekend to make the new one feel like home. We were so happy to come home to our new place and enjoy the piles of boxes we still have stacked in our dining room.

Now that my period has passed, my hormones are balancing out, and I’m beginning to fall in love with my new home. Last week was difficult. I had some days of pure loneliness when I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to handle this move. I cried more than I would like to admit. This week is different though.

 Yesterday I found my new local market. J and I had found the big names–Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s–but I wanted a place where I could buy wonderful local produce (it’s plentiful here), natural foods, great bread, fresh meats, etc. So yesterday I happened into this place about half a mile from our home, and it’s fabulous. It’s a local store, with this lovely homey feel where all the cheeses you can imagine abound, where the scent of fresh bread and flowers fills the air, where local organic produce is piled high. I was in heaven. It’s a silly little thing, really, but this is one of the things I used to imagine when I thought about moving. I do the grocery shopping for the both of us, and I was never happy with our options in the old place. Now, I couldn’t be happier. I can buy any number of really good local wines in the same place where I can buy herbal tinctures, fresh local bread, and good, whole foods. It’s really rather ridiculous how happy I was when I left that place, but I finally did feel that I was home. Did I mention that it was nearly seventy degrees outside? And sunny? Yes, it was lovely.

While at the market, I bought a fresh bottle of Vitex, some good quality fish oil (for those Omega-3s), and I renewed my commitment to making my body healthy and fertile. We’ve been in contact with Mr. G, and with any luck, we should be inseminating at the beginning of next week. Holy cow! I forgot how quickly all of this comes around when the inseminations are happening regularly. For now, I’m going to drink my smoothie and stare out at creek behind our apartment as the sun rises. Life is not so bad. Not so bad at all.



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6 responses to “Alive!

  1. I just love this post. It makes me so happy. I’m glad things are going well in the new place. Having a really good market nearby is no small thing. Good luck with next week. I’m sure the new home is sending just the right vibes for a new start. oxox

  2. Your new neighbourhood sounds great. I’m so pleased you are settling in.

  3. jay

    (that’s vee above!)

    The place sounds fantastic and I want one too!! And I’m glad you’re alive. Please continue to be ;o) xx

  4. Holy cow is right! Next week! Go, y’all!
    And, yes your new place sounds fab. And by place I mean that great store. And your home, of course.

  5. Wow, that was fast!!! I’m glad we’re all alive!! I just did a post with “I’m Still Alive” as the title, and then read yours!!! Lovely that you are lovin the house and lovin life right now. I’m so glad things are better. Wishing you tons and tons of good luck for this next cycle. The next insem will be here very very soon!! Keep us all updated!

  6. adlawrence

    Good luck and stay positive. It’s inspirational 😉

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