And I’m Out.

So I spotted for three days. I got my hopes up. I took HPTs. They were negative. Now I’ve got full-on cramps and flow, and I’ve come back to reality. Why does my body insist on playing these cruel tricks?

I’m sort of numb about this for some reason. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’ve had so much going on, but I don’t know.  My cycles have been so funky lately that I had a strong sense early on that this one wouldn’t work out, even though our timing was pretty impeccable.  The heavy lifting can’t have helped either.

My goal now is to get my body back in order. I’ve neglected things like my Vitex tincture and the nasty fertility tea in recent months, and I’ve not been walking regularly. These are the things that seem to balance my hormones and make my cycles normal, so it’s time to refocus.



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9 responses to “And I’m Out.

  1. jay

    Oh, I am really sorry to hear that. Damn AF, damn her to hell! Here’s to your next cycle… hopefully by then your body will be in sync with your wonderful new surroundings. Oh, and damn AF again. Hugs. xx

  2. notesfrom2moms

    I’m so so sorry – but it sounds like you have a plan and a new home so a good place to start over.

  3. I’m so sorry! AF just sucks!!

  4. Stupid period.
    Fuck, I’m sorry, hon. I should start any day now – let’s cycle together again and get pregnant this time.

  5. vee

    Ah shit. That sucks.

  6. Sorry love. Don’t be hard on yourself. It will happen. oxox

  7. Awwww. Sorry too! In the same boat today! And I am REALLY, REALLy gonna go face the toledo scale at publix tomorrow and DO ALITTLE work on myself over the next few months.

    The Alafia River Bridge on East Tampa Bay is a few steps away. That would be a start! OR startover. Hard to keep things balanced! Learning fast!

    Well ALOT of work. Hubby keeps telling me “in God’s time” Well I wish he’d hurry. Time is running out for me. 😀

  8. Clemency

    Oh, poo. Well, with the move it probably would have been a miracle if you’d conceived, but you always hope, don’t you? Here’s to a plan and some stability and routine to get yourself back in the groove.

  9. So, so sorry that this wasn’t it for you. I think good taking care of yourself is a great way to cope with the disappointment. I agree I have to get back to walking….it is such a great balancing force. Too bad it’s about 2 degrees outside.

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