There’s No Place Like Home

We made it. We actually made it through the move. On Saturday, the student movers came, as did my parents, and we packe the house into a giant truck. By noon, we left our gloomy hometown for our new hometown.

This was perhaps one of the worst drives I’ve ever made from former home to anywhere else. It rained, or rather, dumped, the entire way. We encountered snow. There was wind, and even some flooding. There was much hydroplaning and sliding and lack of visibility. I had two terrified cats (who were, incidentally, given sedatives) screaming at me the whole way. It was a miserable drive.

We arrived at our new abode after dark, and it was still raining. We promptly unlocked the door, opened up the truck, and began hauling. My brother had not yet arrived with his crew (which ended up being just him and his girlfriend), so we began making the trek. Did I mention it was pouring rain? Yes, we were soaked in mere moments. My step-dad, J, and I would make our way up the stairs and hand things to my mom, who would then dry them and place them in the appropriate room.  I honestly never thought it would end, but once my brother and his GF arrived, we picked up the pace, and by 10pm, we had the truck unloaded, and we were home.  The family has kindly informed us that should we plan to move again, they will hire movers for us. I don’t think they enjoyed themselves in the pouring rain. Some people…

We did wake up yesterday to sun–a glorious sunny day after weeks of rain. It has been lovely to dry out a little as we get acquainted with our new place. It has been surreal to be here, I have to say. J and I are enjoying nesting, but she had to start her job today, so I’m on my own unloading the kitchen and office. This does allow me to let my best Virgo side come out as I arrange things to my liking, but it is a little lonely.

I have to say, everything has been pretty great so far, but today threw us a little because I started spotting. With all of the stress and heavy lifting and everything I’ve put my body through in the last couple of weeks, it’s not a huge surprise, but it was a little sad today. I’m sure AF will show up in all her scarlet glory tomorrow, and we’ll start again this month with less stress and more hope than ever.



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7 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home

  1. notesfrom2moms

    sounds like a dreadful move… but it is to a place you have described as wonderful… so it makes it all worth it. As for spotting, keep your head up. You never know. And if AF does visit, then it is a fresh start in a new place with good vibes.

  2. sorry to hear about the spotting. that part is never fun.

    i’ve always found that the harder the actual move is, the happier the house will become.

    enjoy making the place yours!

  3. vee

    First up, MAJOR congratulations for pulling off that move. Really – you had me worried there for a moment, but YOU DID IT!

    Sorry about the spotting. If it is not to be this time, then new home, new start sounds good.

  4. i’m so sorry for the spotting and soggy move. it’s all done though! yea for virgos. you will have that place put together in no time. here’s to nesting and less stress.


  5. Welcome home.

    Ever-the-optimist, I’m just hoping for you that the spotting is just spotting and nothing more.

  6. jay

    Big congrats for the move… especially in the rain. I remember years ago trying to move in the rain and dark, but we gave up and left almost all my wordly belongings in the van overnight (that was when I was a foodhardy youth). It.Was.Hell. Glad your new home is cool, though!

    And hope AF stays away. Hugs.

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