Moving Mayhem

I may be MIA for a little while as J and I pack up our home and move on to the new one. I can’t believe how much crap we’ve accumulated over the past seven years! It’s going to be so very nice to lighten our loads and not have all of this stuff to deal with.

 We move on Saturday. We’re hiring some kids to load the truck on this end, and my sweet firefighter brother has arranged for a moving crew at our new location. It’s good to know firefighters. They’re accustomed to running up and down stairs with heavy things, so moving is just another workout to them–and they don’t accept any payment except for vodka tonics. That I can handle!

 We’re a little sad to be leaving this home. Our backyard here is where we had our wedding seven years ago. This is where we have put down roots for quite some time. But we know there will be new great memories where we’re going, and for that, I can’t be sad.

So off we go! With any luck, we’ll get through this quickly and without too many back problems–and on the other end of it, I get to take a pregnancy test! Woohoo!



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4 responses to “Moving Mayhem

  1. jay

    Goooooood luck!!!!

    Glad you found those kids and firefighters. That will help… you can just sip the vodka tonics (or maybe OJ or something) and watch!

    “see” you on the other side ;o) xx

  2. vee

    Good luck folks. Hope it all goes smoothly. Nice work on finding some willing muscle!

  3. Best of luck and happy moving!!!

  4. Whew – moving. But yay for new things! New home, new town, maybe new pos hpt!

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