We’re home from a one-day whirlwind trip to find a place to live, and believe it or not, we were successful! Actually, we knew we were successful before we went. We had applied for a place we hadn’t even seen yet, and we were approved, so all that was left to do was see it. We had something like four back-up appointments, but this one was just right, so we cancelled our appointments and enjoyed a nice lunch in our new hometown-to-be.

 I was surprised to find today that I was not as happy as I expected to be about this; infact, I was oddly anxious about it, but much of this hinges on a shift in expectations. We have lived in a small town for a long time (one that is at least four hours away from any other town or city worth mentioning), so we were going to try city life for awhile because we wanted a big change (read: easy access to civilization). For the past few months, we have been discovering this new city and finding our little spots–really just trying it on to see what life would be like there.

Our new place, however, is twenty minutes away from the big city–in a small town. Granted, this is a town that we love. It’s been a dreamtown of ours for a long time. It’s smack dab in the middle of wine country for crying out loud! It’s old. It’s charming. It’s beautiful. We love it a lot. But we had been focusing all of our energy on the city. Today, getting used to the idea that we won’t be moving to the city has been oddly difficult. I think I had just spent so much time imagining our new life with a certain backdrop, and now that the backdrop has changed, I’m not sure what to expect. For a woman who likes to plan everything, this is more than a little unsettling, but it’s finally starting to hit me that we are moving to a great town which is within twenty minutes to an hour of many towns and cities that we absolutely love. Add to this that there are keys on my coffee table to a new place to live, a new place J and I get to call home, and we have an equation for awe.

So here we go: This week, we pack everything we own. We get rid of things we don’t want. We say goodbye, and we welcome our new life. While I doubt I’ll be obsessing much about my TWW as I pack my crap, there’s that to ponder too. So much is ahead of us, and I’m just not used to things going right. I suppose it’s about time.



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2 responses to “Home?

  1. Clemency

    Fabulous news – congratulations on your new home. It sounds absolutely idyllic!

  2. Congrats on the new home, new life, and a new TWW girls!!! Crossing fingers for you for everything!

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