Question Meme

I realized today that I’ve never done any sort of meme over here, and this month is about doing things I haven’t done before, so I stole this from Jude.

Because we never really know each other as well as we think, in response to this post I’d like you to ask a question. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal, fannish. Ask away. Then copy this to your own journal, and see what people don’t know about you.

And because I also missed delurking day, this is the chance for any lurkers out there to show their faces. I promise to be nice. Really.


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7 responses to “Question Meme

  1. OOO! I totally want to steal this meme, too. Jude’s good for so many things!

    Ok, so what is one very, very clear memory from your childhood – positive or not. This isn’t a weird Freudian thing – I’m just interested in memories. Also, as for a fannish question, can I have your autograph? Heehee.

  2. Hrm. What to ask? What to ask?

    What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?

  3. reproducinggenius

    Okay, here goes…


    The weird thing about my memories is that so many of them are very clear, so I’ll try to choose an amusing one: I was about seven years old, and I had just been given my first camera. It was one of those skinny 110s, and it had a little bit of a zoom lens on it. My dad came to pick me up (he and my mom split when I was four), and he took me for a drive. I didn’t know he was scouting out cool shots for me to take with my new camera. Well, he pulled over, and the sky was amazing. It was filled with these rippled clouds, and it was near sunset. On the ground, reflecting the clouds were rice paddies filled with water. It was one of those images where it’s difficult to see where the sky ends and the earth begins. He asked, “Don’t you want to take a picture of it? Wouldn’t that be neat?” I looked at him, looked at my camera, and I started getting upset. You see, my telephoto lens allowed me to focus clearly on images within 5-10 feet of the camera. I was under the impression, the baby photographer that I was, that this meant I couldn’t take a photo of anything farther than ten feet away. So, I asked my dad, “Can we get within ten feet of it?” He said, “Well, Pumpkin, I think this is as close as we can get, but you can take a picture of it anyway.” Polite little girl that I was, I said, “I guess not, Dad. It’s just not close enough.” I’m sure he was disappointed, frustrated, possibly even amused, but I was certain it wouldn’t turn out, so we got in his car–his tan Toyota Celica hatchback–and drove away.

    And yes, you may have my autograph. I found that to be an amusing element of the meme too. I mean, I know my fan base is huge and all, but I try to keep a low profile here. That said, of course you can have my autograph.

    Now for Jude’s question:
    I love jewelry. I love it a lot. I don’t love bling so much as cool arty stuff. I wear huge pendants with big polished gemstones and silver. However, my favorite piece of jewelry right now is a piece that J bought for me for our anniversary this past year. It’s a cool little steel chain with two hearts hanging from it. One heart is covered in multiple red Austrian crystals. The other has just three white Austrian crystals meant to symbolize me, J, and the little one we want to add to our family. It made me cry, and each time I wear it, I think of the little family we’re trying to build. I also love it because while it’s a couple of hearts (and I’m not typically big on hearts), it’s kind of rustic, and the only shiny thing about it are the little crystals. I just love it.

    So there you have it!

  4. jay

    What “thing” do you most wish someone would invent, and why?!

  5. Hello! De-lurking. Feel free to ask me a question on my blog.

    How do I make those intriguing fruit cordials?

  6. reproducinggenius

    I like your question because I’m always coming up with inventions. J and I once came up with period pants. They would be these super-comfy pants with a built-in heating pad, maybe a pocket for chocolate. But that would be my own invention, so I’m not sure it REALLY qualifies.

    Thanks for de-lurking! I actually found the recipes for the cordials online. You simply sterilize large jars (don’t burn yourself!), peel and cut up a bunch of fruit, pour decent vodka over the fruit, throw in the appropriate spices (for apple, we use vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves), and let it sit for a couple of weeks. Then comes the fun part. You have to strain the fruit out through cheese cloth, and then filter it through unbleached coffee filters. Then it needs to age. It’s best if it can age at least six months, but the stuff is good after about three months. I highly recommend making it, and again, there are great recipes online (I just can’t remember where we found ours).

  7. jay

    Great invention. I think you should register the patent (or something!) ;o)

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