I hate my aunt.

Cramps suck. And when they cause nausea, and they make me groan like someone’s punching me in the abdomen, they really suck. I hate cramps, and today is an awful crampy day. Ugh.

 We’re recovering from a weekend of guests today. Saturday was our final  ladies’ poker night, and it was fabulous. One frined brought supplies for us to make t-shirts with our poker nicknames on them, another brought gifts for a gift exchange game, another made a chocolate mousse-filled chocolate cake. It was fabulous. One of our very best friends gave us a baby t-shirt from our university, and this made us both cry. In fact, we found ourselves just standing back watching everyone and listening to the music of our friends’ voices and laughter, just feeling how great our group is and how much we’ll miss them. It was a stellar night–one that I won’t soon forget.

We are moving forward just a tad with our move and putting in an application for a condo today. I’m also working on some potential self-employment prospects. It’s exciting stuff.


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One response to “I hate my aunt.

  1. Good luck with the condo and the job stuff!!

    As for the cramps- I am so sorry. It just seems rude to have cramps sometimes.

    Thinking of you

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