I’m even boring myself.

We’re headed to our new city again tomorrow for J’s job interview and so that we can look at more potential places to live. I’ve been spending far too many hours on the various internet classified sites searching for new listings. It’s become an obsession.

For me, the job front is depressing. I have decent part-time work online that I can take with me, but where we’re moving is quite a bit more expensive than we’re accustomed to in our tiny little corner of California. I’m having trouble, though, looking for work outside of my field. There seems to be so little out there for a former teacher with a master’s in English, and I’m not willing to settle at this point. Oh, it’s so frustrating. And for someone who likes to have everything planned out, it’s a little freaky.

This is a hopeful trip, though. I think J will do well with her interview, and I really hope she gets this job. Then we can breathe a little easier knowing that I can look for work once we get there.

I so wish I had something new and exciting to talk about, that there was something actually happening on at least one of the big change fronts, but alas, no. I hate this part of transitioning. I feel so desparate, so out of sorts. Bleh.


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  1. Wishing J lots of good luck for the interview.

    Don’t worry, you’ll find something you’re happy with!! Definitely, do not settle.

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