We were supposed to have been pummelled by storms this week. The wind has howled, the rain has pounded, and the rivers have risen. A bunch of the pasture land surrounding us has flooded. In central California (a few hundred miles south of us), trees have been uprooted. Much of the state is going through a severe beating right now. I have to confess something though: I was disappointed in these storms. I thought we were going to have this thrashing crazy wind, rains flooding the roads, trees coming down, and power outages for days. This happened many miles south of us, but not here. Here, we could still drive, and we only lost power for thirty seconds. I love a good storm, but this series of storms has been anticlimactic at best. Maybe it’s just that I wanted to sit in the candle light with my sweetie.

We’ve made some progress this week with our big move. J had a phone interview yesterday, and she’ll have an in-person interview Wednesday for a job she thinks she’d love. I’m so very proud of her.

Each day this week, we got up, made a list of things to do, and proceeded to complete as many tasks on the list as possible. The problem is that we’re both still in school break mode, so being productive seems a little foreign. I imagine if she gets this job and we have to move in a matter of two weeks, we’ll get off our butts and get to work a little more quickly. For now, being able to check two or three items off feels like progress. We also add things to the list after they’ve been completed–just so that we can check them off and feel the illusion of productivity.

We’ve also been immersed in the presidential primaries. We’re independents, but definitely on the very progressive side of things. Obama’s win in the Iowa Caucuses brought up in both of us some surprising hopefulness. We haven’t been the biggest fans of Obama because his views on queer folk and gay marriage have been problematic at best, but that’s really the case for all of them at this point. So on Tuesday night, we enjoyed his speech and the hopefulness that arose, and we’re looking forward to the coming primaries. We both love politics, and until now, it’s all been a bit unpalatable, but the race is beginning to get very interesting.

Then there’s the TTC business. We can’t do anything until I get my period, and who knows when that will be. It’s been weird this month because I’ve completely disconnected myself from it all. Unfortunately this means I’m not making the good choices about how I treat my body either, so it’s time to get back on track, time to make a baby-friendly space, so that January’s insemination won’t be worrisome. Anyway, at the rate my cycles are going these days, we may be insemminating as we pack up the moving truck at the end of the month. J seems to think that this timing would be good because now she can make me do the heavy lifting. I vote for hiring some strong boys or girls from the university to haul our crap, regardless of when we inseminate. Oh how I hate moving.



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2 responses to “Potpourri

  1. I’m with you on hiring the heavies – we hired a removals company for our move (first time either of us had ever done that) and it was worth every penny!

    Our power went out too last week – long enough for us to get the candles lit and get excited at the prospect of snuggling up, then it came back on again. I feel your disappointment!

  2. I hate moving as well. Just think, it will be over soon!!

    Definitely hire the young folks to move your stuff!!!!!

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