The hunt begins…

We’ve started job hunting today. I hate it. I would ideally find a job where I can work from home doing some sort of writing or proofreading, and J would ideally find something fabulous and full time in the non-profit sector. (Actually, ideally, the greatest employers in the world would call us and offer us fabulous jobs with excellent salaries, complete with perks like cars and computers, but we all know that’s not happening.) Not living in the community where we’re searching and not having looked for work in years, we’re both finding ourselves a little timid and a little freaked out. It will happen, of course, but changing careers is anxious business, and I’m not very keen on anxiety. I hope it won’t take long.

I’ve been screwing with the style of the blog lately, which explains why things around here don’t look familiar. I like changing things up a bit, and I figure it’s appropriate right now. If the furniture in my living room weren’t so damn heavy, I would likely rearrange that once every few months too. I suppose there are worse obsessions.



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4 responses to “The hunt begins…

  1. Apparently I didn’t get the blog presentation change memo. Everyone seems to be doing it. This looks good though! I like the new look.

    That is so funny. I totally love to rearrange stuff too. Growing up, I rearranged my bedroom furniture every few weeks. My parents just realized that I had an addiction. Ha. Joking, of course 😉 Or am I……..

    Good luck with the job-hunting. You both are so brilliant – someone will snatch you up in no time. I’m sure of this.

  2. jay

    indeed they will! thought of setting up your own business? that’s what we did – funnily enough we work in a similar field as the one you want to, T! xx

  3. well good luck with the job hunting!! You both are so amazing that any place would be lucky to have you.

  4. I love, love, love rearranging furniture. I’ve gotten so good at it that I can move a fully loaded bookcase across the living room with a minimum of cussing. It’s all about the strategic placement of throw rugs and some very patient sliding.

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