So long, 2007!

I have had such writer’s block since I last posted! I’ve stared at the “Write Post” page every day since we returned home (on the 29th!), and this is the first I’ve been able to write anything at all. And still, I don’t know what to write.  One thing I can say is congratulations to Calliope, who is now pregnant and to Family Style Love for the birth of their little boy.

J and I had a fun little New Year’s Eve at home complete with a Twilight Zone marathon, champagne, and crab. One thing we do every year is make end-of-year lists–things like “best moments,” “greatest meals,” etc. We made plenty of lists last night, but the best is always the highlights list. Some years it’s bigger than others, and while the highlights this year are few, they’re also big.

This year, the big highlights for us were finding a donor, opting to move away from where we live now, and starting our TTC process. I’m sure if I had two wits about me, I would be able to list more because there are many more, and there are plenty of moments we’d rather not remember too. Today is about looking forward, though, so we’re looking toward the next year with the mantra that this new year brings with it new lives.

Tomorrow we’re packing one box each. Somehow I think we’ll have to pick up the pace if we’re going to move at the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m going to search for my brain.

Happy New Year, readers!



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6 responses to “So long, 2007!

  1. Happy New years!! hoping 2008 will be the big year 🙂

  2. Happy New Year! This is going to be THE year. I know it. Happy packing!

  3. Happy New Year!
    Ummm….. packing….. wow, am I glad it’s not me! But hooray for moving in 2008!

  4. Happy packing! And happy 2008! xx

  5. vee

    I love your list idea – we may steal that for next year. And GET PACKING!!!

  6. Happy New Year! You are the 2nd person that I have heard about that does the twilight zone marathon! Sounds way better than the Law & Order marathon I had going 🙂

    May this year be THE year.

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