Winter Craftiness

We’re doing laundry and packing today to get ready for our trip to see the family tomorrow. It’s been nice having some downtime, though, between school ending and going out of town. We’ve even had a bit of winter! Now, we only get snow here about once every seven years, but we do occasionally have some really great frost (as evidenced in our new header), and this week, we’ve had great frost. Our cat, Pierre, enjoyed tromping through the frosty yard with us yesterday:


We have also been enjoying the fruits of some of our crafting. Pictured below is a bottle of the cordials we made this year. This is one of six bottles we made. This is also the project that three months ago resulted in a trip to the emergency room for my poor burnt hand.

Pear Hooch

And finally, our candles. As I mentioned in my last post, we started making candles the first year we were together. We had both dabbled in candle-making already, so we each brought some knowledge to the table. Over the years, we have made candles each winter, and each year, we’ve gotten significantly better at it–primarily due to higher quality materials. It’s a process we both love dearly. Here are just a few of them from this year’s haul:


 Unfortunately, I have not photographed even one of the hats or scarves I have made; hopefully I’ll get some photos of the recipients wearing them. This is my first time crocheting apparel of any kind, and I found that I really loved it. I’m so used to working on these afgans that take decades to make that making something small tha I can finish in just a few hours is very rewarding.

So there you have it: I am, indeed, a crafting nerd.



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2 responses to “Winter Craftiness

  1. Impressive!!

    Happy holidays to you both xx

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