Happy Solstice!

J and I have spent the day celebrating the Winter Solstice. This was a tradition we developed early on in our relationship–in my witchy days–and it has continued to be our own private winter holiday. We typically make candles in the days leading up to this day, and on the Solstice proper, we bake, drink wine, and eat great food. Tonight I made salmon (our favorite local fish) with a lemon-basil drizzle, wild rice, and a lovely winter salad of baby greens with persimmon and gorgonzola. Have I mentioned we love food and that I love to cook?

 The last few days have been filled with candle-making and preparing to leave town to see the my family (a.k.a. “the outlaws”). It’s been a very crafty season (show and tell to come later). I’ve been crocheting up a storm making hats and scarves, and we made about twenty candles in the last couple of days. The candle-making is another tradition J and I developed in our early years as a couple, and we have come quite a long way since our days of melting down old candles and coloring them with crayon shavings! (Photos to come. I swear!)

It’s been lovely spending time together without any work to do. I always have some difficulty transitioning from the über-busy fall semester to the holidays, but we’ve done a good job of just enjoying ourselves and relaxing.

We leave for my parents’ house on Monday, and after that, we’re on to our new city to look at a couple of potential places to live. Then we’ll come back, celebrate the new year, and start packing our seven years of crap we’ve managed to accumulate in this place. We won’t likely inseminate next until we’re just about to move, but we’ll have plenty to keep us busy until then. My sense (my hope?) is that as soon as we get this move under way, this baby-making business is going to fall into place. Here’s hoping the new year brings little ones to us all.



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2 responses to “Happy Solstice!

  1. Right back at ya!!! 🙂 Here’s hoping 2008 will get us preggo 🙂

  2. Clemency

    Hi timaree,
    Happy Solstice to you too! It’s summer solstice here, as usual overshadowed by that more modern festival, and not as hot as we’d like so your solstice celebrations sound wonderful.
    Hoping you and yours get your dearest wish in 2008, and that we do as well!

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