She found me.

It finally arrived. All that talk of tampon crafts seems to have brought on my period, and not a moment too soon. I thought my hormone levels might make me run around the block naked with my hair on fire soon. I was not a pleasant person this week. Poor J.

We have to turn in grades today. This will be our second to last step to complete our jobs here. The final step will be this official process called “separation” where we will walk around the university obtaining signatures stating that we don’t have any outstanding library books or media equipment or oven mitts. This process is not a new thing for us, though. It’s something we have to do every fall because at the end of the semester, we lose our positions at the university. It’s depressing as hell. The campus is nearly empty. The heating is turned off. No one there is very happy because they’re still working, and all of the faculty are officially on break. And it always means good bye, but this time, it’s really good bye. So it’s going to be sad, and I think we’ll be doing it tomorrow, and I think we’ll need drinks afterward. Big, strong drinks.

 Other than that, I feel like I have so little to say right now. Perhaps I’ll post a holiday craft update in a day or two, for I will say I’ve been crocheting up a storm, and we’re also about to have our annual candle-making extravaganza. More to come on that later. For now, I’m going to snuggle up with some cats, do some math to figure out what my students earned this term, and go to the eye doctor to get me some new specs! It’s a big day in the Reproducing Genius household.



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5 responses to “She found me.

  1. Congratulations on having the hormonal tidal wave finally break.

    I had to smile wryly at your last post because I’ve done exactly the same thing — see, some women have a full period when they’re pregnant — and some take forever to test positive — and in that teeny little spot on the Venn diagram where both of those are true is ME, every damn month. Except not.

    Enjoy your cozy crafty holiday! A new years is. Well. A new year, for all of us.

  2. jay

    A goodbye, but also a HUGE new beginning for you both! 2008 will be your year, I am sure of it xxxx

    (And thanks for the novella! We have been warned.) xx

  3. phew!
    can’t wait to hear about your new specks.

  4. It IS a new beginning! Wishing that this YEAR all your dreams, baby and non-baby related, come true!

    Merry Christmas girls 🙂

  5. Crafts?! I want to hear about crafts! I hope your drinks were good and strong and that vacation is good and long.
    Merry Everything, y’all.

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