It’s cycle day 32; do you know where your period is?


I have a very regular cycle. It will vary from 27-29 days, but that’s the extent of it. Today, I’m at cycle day (CD) 32 and no period. I’m so accustomed to wishing my period away, but I’m getting a little concerned. Where is Flo? Was it the nasty cold I had? Perhaps the sleepless nights of grading last week? I don’t know, but it’s a weird feeling just waiting and waiting without the prospect of pregnancy on the other end.

What makes this all the more surreal to me is that I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I took a pregnancy test for seemingly no reason–on a month we hadn’t inseminated–and I was pregnant. Of course, now I’m thinking, Am I one of those one in 57,000,000,000,000,000,000 cases of women who have a full period and are still pregnant? No, I’m fairly certain that I’m not, but I can’t say my mind hasn’t gone there. And honestly, it wouldn’t be such great news considering the amount of alcohol, caffeine, and general unhealthiness I’ve indulged in this month. Why does my brain do this to me?

 My concern about my delayed menses has led me to the Google School of Medicine, but instead of finding freaky new ailments to obsess about, I’m finding out how to celebrate feminine hygiene products with fun holiday crafts. Who wants a Rocket Tampon Ornament for Christmas?



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6 responses to “It’s cycle day 32; do you know where your period is?

  1. AJ

    I actually had that same thought. I may even do an HPT before starting injectables despite have a full on AF. Why do our minds go to these places?!

  2. vee

    Awesome! This could open up a whole new world of “feminine hygiene product” crafts!

  3. I have gone there soooo many times- the “wait, could I be pregnant from that insem that I did 5 months ago?!?!”

    If your body is anything like mine now that you have raised the possibility that you could be pg you will now bleed. It happens that way for me ALL the time.


  4. I want a rocket tampon ornament! Please.
    And yeah, I often convince myself that I am pg from a cycle ago, even when the usual huge clotty mess has come and gone. It did happen to a friend of mine…..

  5. I’ve been there. Karli and I have said….”well, maybe we’re pregnant.” Seeing as we haven’t inseminated yet, I’d say……PROBABLY NOT. Funny what your mind does though eh?

    Ps. That tampon thing was so nasty (gave me a great laugh though!!!). Tacky living, indeed.

  6. amanda

    Oddly enough when I had my daughter eight years ago I had an af every month like clockwork until about 32 weeks, so it is possible. I’m currently oncd32 testing negative, but been crampy on an off for a week or so.just the waiting game now.

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