Wow. I haven’t blogged in ages. I’ve finally emerged from the mountain of papers though. I stayed up all night last night grading–until 5am (not even a drop of caffeine!)–and I finished. Today I met with my last class. They were an amazing group of people–mostly in their thirties–and they apparently loved me. They wrote me these sweet letters and gave me hugs, and were shocked that I wouldn’t be teaching for awhile. It was a good send-off, and I managed to avoid crying, which is amazing considering my state of mind today. Now I just have to calculate the final grades, turn them in, and my teaching career behind the Redwood Curtain is over.  Wow. Wow. Wow. I’ve had a few teary moments, a couple of major breakdowns and panic attacks, but the ball is officially rolling toward our move.

In TTC news, well, there is no news. Not any very good news anyway. Actually, that’s not true. I’m just being negative.

Amidst our paperwork issue, I tried contacting Mr. G again, asking him–in a somewhat cranky tone–what was up and whether he was still interested in helping us, etc. He responded immediately, shocked that we would think otherwise, stating he was waiting to hear from us, that he was wondering if we might be pregnant. He apparently never got the “It didn’t work email,” so who knows what happened, but the guy is really a good guy–he’s just been busy this year, and hell, so have we. The short of it is, he’s really on board, which is very reassuring to this PMS-crazed lady. It won’t work out for him to send a donation this month due to the aforementioned Yuletide Ovulation, but he let us know that he’s ready to order more supplies as soon as we’re ready. We also reconnected a little as far as sharing happenings in our lives, which I think was important for all of us. It’s a lot easier to see that he really does want to help us when we’re actually speaking to the guy.

So this takes some of the pressure off of the paying for sperm/getting paperwork corrected issue, but that also means no spermsicles under the tree. It pains us both to go yet another month without trying, but there must be some reason for it. In the meantime, we get to have a festive holiday–even a wild New Year’s Eve if we want it–and that’s probably important with all of the emotion of finishing our careers up, leaving our best friends behind, and embarking on unfamiliar territory.

Oh my god. This is really happening.



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5 responses to “Emerging

  1. jay

    You brought a tear to my eye. The sub bench sucks, but at least me and Vee are there with you both… and we will all have a BLOODY GOOD xmas OK? It’s in the rules. Big luck to you both with the move too xxxx

  2. vee

    I agree – bring on the festive excess. It’s bound to make the time pass more swiftly. Sorry you’re having to sit this one out too, but the move is exciting business!

  3. vee

    PS – sorry about almost inducing a freakout in you too. I’ve really got to break up with Dr Google!

  4. fantastic news! Mr. G sounds amazing & perfect.
    Have been missing your posts. Glad to see you back.

  5. Here you are!
    Wow, moving is scary as shit. Y’all are brave, brave, brave. And hooray for old Mr. G. We will all be knocked up soon – with thanks to our donors and overnight shipping.

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