Oh, my bleedin’ eyes!

Wow. J and I have been reading student essays nonstop for days. Our students at the university have to go through this portfolio assessment to get through their first-year composition requirement. For this, they write three essays and a letter. Each portfolio is no less than thirteen pages. This week we had to score these. It took an eternity. Our department had to get through something like 550 of these–two readers each. I think I read a total of about a hundred, so at least 1300 pages–hence, the title of this post.

 These readings have been an end-of-term ritual for us since grad school, and this was the last time we’ll have participated in one. I broke down last night, realizing how close we were to an end to this chapter in our lives. I’ve been so excited about our upcoming move, but last night was the first time I felt truly sad about leaving here. Today is better, but it’s going to be a rough couple of months, I think.

 On the TTC front, we finally got our paperwork out to the sperm bank only to hear a week later that we completed a form incorrectly, so another week, and maybe we’ll be registered and eligible to buy sperm. I’m beginning to fear it won’t be in time. I’m so tired of this happening, but I can’t lose hope entirely yet.

I did have a dream last night that I had a positive pregnancy test. I was a little confused because I thought that I had had my period, so I was walking around baffled. I don’t know what that means, if it means anything, but it was a nice feeling until I woke up.

Ah, well.



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2 responses to “Oh, my bleedin’ eyes!

  1. Was it NW Cryobank? because every same sex couple I know have filled those damn forms out “wrong”. they need new forms.

    fingers crossed for you that everything goes through in time!

  2. reproducinggenius

    Yep, it was NW. Ugh. That explains it all. Thanks for letting me know what you’ve heard!

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