I have a nasty cold. It came on suddenly last night after I bragged to my mom that I had beaten away nearly five colds this season using my old buddy Zicam. For Zicam to work, you have to use it at the first sign a cold is coming on. This usually means the scratchy throat or sneeze that begins a cold. Well, I’ve had that scratchy throat on and off for a couple of weeks, so every few days, I pull out the Zicam, and I zap it. Each time it goes away. I love the results, but the problem is, eventually I have to get sick. There seems to be some threshold when my body says, “Nope, I’ve fought off enough. I’m spent. Deal with it.”

This weekend, I had a scratchy throat on Friday and again on Saturday, but I just thought I had one of my fairly common sinus infections. Yesterday, I had the scratchy throat all day, so I thought I’d start my usual measures to rid myself of a sinus infection. I would say about 4 out of 5 times I do this, it works. And that other time? I always end up with a cold.

So last night, I was crocheting away, enjoying the last few morsels of weekend, when around 9:30pm, my nose stuffed itself up, my eyes became watery, and suddenly, I was sick. The damn virus had ambushed me before I could even think about Zicam. J watched it happen in disbelief.

I am so pissed that I have a cold. So utterly pissed. I can’t stay home because my students are all desperate for last-minute help revising their papers, so I’m here at school for twelve long hours today when I really just want to curl up on the sofa with a cat and my wife, and listen to the rain. Only four more hours to go.




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3 responses to “sick

  1. Oh that made me laugh!! I am so there!! I was fighting it and fighting it and bam, this morning at 630, I was up with my nose running like crazy on one side and closed on the other (TMI eh?). My wife is gone to work, so I think I’ll curl up on the couch and watch some tv with our doggies and kitty.!!

    hope you feel better!!

  2. I fear I am getting sick for the third time this school year. I refuse to admit that though. Perhaps my sneezing and coughing is just allergies. =)
    Regardless, feel better soon!

  3. Awh. Feel better soon!!!

    Sending you virtual chicken noodle soup and lots of Vitamin C!!

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