A serviceable, not very entertaining, updatey sort of post

J woke me this morning at 6am. She was thinking about her students, whether they were going to pass their upcoming assessment portfolio. We’ve been doing this a lot lately–waking up super early and talking, especially on the weekends. I used to be so irritated when she would wake me up early on the weekends, but now I cherish these early morning hours when we lie in bed and snuggle and talk about our lives. So much is going on, and there’s something reassuring about starting the day early. We’re making the most of our lives together and also our last couple of months in this place.

This week we finally sent our paperwork to the sperm bank. This month’s insemination will be tricky because it looks like I’ll probably ovulate Christmas day. This makes shipping anything fairly complicated, and I don’t honestly know how it’s going to work out. The bank wants their tank back seven days after we receive it, so all of this is confusing my already hazy brain. Somehow, it may work out.

The most amusing thing about all of this is that we may very well be inseminating at my parents’ house. We may have to bring our sperm tank with us and figure out how to use it while the family sits around enjoying Christmas. We’ve tried to brainstorm scenarios:

  • Perhaps I could just slip away and do it myself, but then what if I can’t open the tank, or I drop the vial into the tank, or I can’t warm it properly, or I can’t get it into the syringe, or, god-forbid, I spill it?
  • We could hope that it works out to do it when we go to bed at night, but then what if I have a really short surge and I’ve already ovulated by then?
  • I could wrap up the tank, put a bow on it, and put it under the tree for J to open in front of the whole family, and then we can tell everyone, “We’re going to inseminate!” and bound up the stairs to the guest room. (That wouldn’t make my mom uncomfortable in the least, nor would it result in incessant teasing from my step-dad. No, not for a second.

So we’re in a bit of a quandry with this one. This is, of course, assuming that we figure out the whole shipping thing in the week leading up to Christmas (which falls on a Tuesday). Any creative suggestions?

What I do know is that it wouldn’t be right if J and I didn’t have at least one thing to worry about each cycle. This process is not meant to be easy or smooth for us as I once naively hoped, but at least it makes for good storytelling!



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8 responses to “A serviceable, not very entertaining, updatey sort of post

  1. Will you be ovulating Christmas Day or Christmas eve? Will you be staying with your family both days?

  2. jay

    Jeesh that sounds complicated. How long in advance can you have the tank for? xx

  3. reproducinggenius

    I think we can probably get the tank almost a week in advance. In fact, I think that’s what we’ll have to do because we won’t be able to get a shipment that weekend or Monday-Wednesday of Christmas week.

    We will be with my family from the 24th-27th, but I don’t know yet exactly when I’ll ovulate. However, it’s likely going to be Christmas day or the day after.

    It is really unnecessarily complicated if you ask me. I mean, don’t the shippers know this is important? 🙂

    Thanks, ladies.

  4. Lord. It sucks, the shipping.

    I’d pay the extra $30 or whatever to get it shipped to you on Saturday and do the insems whenever and wherever you have to. The one nice thing about the tanks is that they buy you some flexibility with timing, as it good for a week in there.

    Since it’s a vacation-y kind of time, you can use the nap excuse – “Oh *yawn* I think I’ll go lie down for a nice nap. It’s been such an exhausting end-of-semester, you know. J, you’d better nap, too.” And off you go!

    I think Hope from FF discovered that the USPS does Sunday deliveries in some areas? I’ll look back and see if I can find the website she gave me. That will only work if your bank will ship with USPS, mine would only use FedEx (who I hate for any number of reasons, mostly that they once lost my sperm).

    I am excited y’all are moving on to this next cycle!

  5. Well, FF seems to eat the circles that are that old, sorry. I still vote for a Saturday ship-date.

  6. Oh yeah, I LOVE the nap idea!! Great thinking!!!

  7. reproducinggenius

    Oh, the “nap” is a great idea. I love it! Yeah, our bank uses DHL, and they do Saturday shipping, but with the holidays, things are a little kooky. That’s okay. Your suggestions are helping!

  8. There are always things to worry and stress about, aren’t there? I like the nap startegy…seems like a good one without making everyone uncomfortable.
    Finger crossed for you this cycle!

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