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Home Again (and Upcoming Password Post Warning)

First, we will be writing a password protected post in the next couple of days. If you don’t have our password, reply here, and we’ll send it to you–or if you don’t want to reply here, send us an email. 

And now for our regularly scheduled quick update post:

We are home from our holiday travels, and I am so very glad. I love visiting my family, but I really love our cozy bed, our kitties, our quiet, and our relatively drama-free home. So it’s good to be here.

Tomorrow we start in on our second to last week of school. The students are going to come back from Thanksgiving break with a taste of vacation on their lips, and they aren’t going to want to do anything, even though they have a week and a half before their major final projects are due. That means we have to scare them a little to shock them back into productivity. It’s a strange dance we do every year. I am so very glad we’re almost done.

This week we should also be inseminating, but much to our chagrin, we aren’t. Mr. G is supposed to be out of town (although I haven’t heard from him since he last sent us a shipment), and we couldn’t get the paperwork together soon enough for spermsicles. It sucks, and it’s going to be hard to sit this one out, but with all of the stress in our laps with the end of the semester looming, I will probably hardly notice it.


Who am I kidding?


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