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On the Road

 We’re here in the city where we plan to move in a few months. We got here late, but already J has gotten a lead on some potential child advocacy work. She was also offered a job pouring wine at a winery we stopped at on the way here. Things are going well.  

We’re both utterly exhausted after our week from hell, but we’re having a nice time connecting, enjoying some down time and the prospect of discovering some areas we may want to live. The hospitality person at the winery where we stopped made some suggestions for communities to visit that are smaller and a little less expensive near the city where we’re currently staying, so we’re going to see how we like them, so we’ll check those out tomorrow too. This place is definitely far more of a city than we’re accustomed to (our town has maybe 7,000 people, while this one had more like 150,000), with all of the traffic and congestion that comes with that, but we’re open to learning about the area. It’s all part of the adventure that we’re looking forward to. 

On the TTC front, I admit I’ve had a little wine today, but I’m okay with it. So many of my straight, coupled friends who have gotten pregnant have drank until they found out, and while I am dedicated to being as healthy as possible, I also know that if I do find out I’m pregnant, it will all be okay as long as I don’t keep this up. Hell, one of those women got rip-roaring drunk with me just a couple of nights before she found out she was pregnant with #2 (and had apparently done the same before she found out about #1). I know I don’t have to defend myself. I think I’m trying to assuage any guilt I may feel in the future about this. For now, it’s helping me wind down, and at this point, reducing the stress I’ve been under is probably just about as important as avoiding toxins. Alas, I’m a sucker for good wine. What can I say?  

Also on that front, for those interested in obsessive behavior, I’ve been a little crampy today with no signs of a period. It could be something; it could be nothing. The fact stands, I’ve had some cramps, whatever that may mean. 

For now, I’m off to bed and will post tomorrow with exciting tales of our adventures in this city.

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