Daily Archives: November 7, 2007


I know I have mentioned that J and I are moving at the beginning of the new year. We’re moving to a new city that we’ve visited plenty of times. We have no ties there, no job prospects, no places to live (and it’s definitely more expensive than where we are now). However, all of those factors are part of the draw. It’s going to be a fresh start all around, and we’re excited.

This weekend, J and I are going on a fact-finding mission to the new city, which feels good, but we’re both a little stuck. What do we do there? We thought we would look at some apartment complexes, maybe familiarize ourselves with the different parts of the city, but we really are perplexed about what to do. I haven’t moved since I came here fourteen years ago to go to college, and J has only moved to join the military and to go to college. So this is completely new territory, and we’re going to bumble our ways through it. If nothing else, we’ll have a nice, relaxing weekend out of town imagining a new life.

Wow. We’re just under three months away. Holy shit.


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